NPR’s Ann Powers says they are a “unique and highly enjoyable new band, unlike any other in Nashville today.” The brainchild of hit songwriter Luke Dick, Republican Hair is a 5-piece New Wave party band blowing-up the local Nashville music scene. A true frontman in the mold of classic singers from the 70's and 80's performing without a guitar, Dick’s vocals and never-ending energy on the stage--and his electricity through through the crowd--instantly distinguish the live show; but it’s the never ending string of deep hooks, classic pop arrangements and anthemic choruses that will keep you coming back to Republican Hair hits like “Miss Prince,” “Jaywalking” and “I Don’t Care” again and again. At some point you’ll realize that while Dick’s day job is writing hit songs for Country artists like Miranda Lambert, Eric Church,  and Kacey Musgraves, he’d be equally comfortable writing and producing hits with Chaka Khan or David Byrne. Republican Hair’s forthcoming 3rd EP will follow-up High and Tight (2016) and Miss Prince (2017), and in 2019 Dick releases the documentary he’s made about his life growing up in an Oklahoma City Strip club called RED DOG.